Istanbul Hospital Pathology treatment methods

Cervicovaginal smear (Pap Smear), cytological examinations, biopsy taken from organs and surgical materials are examined in the fully equipped surgical pathology and cytology department within the contracted laboratory.

Among these, endoscopic examinations of organs such as stomach, colon and whole digestive system, skin, prostate, cervix biopsies, curettage specimens, uterus, breast, intestine, gall bladder, appendix and thyroid are the most common.

Modern techniques and devices are used, and special staining methods for diagnosis are applied in cases deemed necessary.

Cytology or cell science is based on the examination of cells taken from the body in various ways one by one. Cytology is used in the screening and diagnosis of benign and malignant diseases, as well as in the diagnosis of infections and various inflammations.

Cells can be taken by scraping (smear test) from areas such as the cervix, as well as freely spilled in sputum, various body fluids, and urine.

Fine needle application is a second way used for cell examinations. In this way, cells are taken from the body organs by pulling them with a thin needle. Fine-needle aspiration, unlike tru-cut needle biopsy, only draws cells, in tru-cut biopsy, a visible piece of tissue is removed by breaking off.
Pathology is the science of diseases that examines the structural and functional disorders in organs and tissues as a result of diseases or accidents. Pathology is based on the examination of tissue samples taken from the body in various ways and is used in the diagnosis of benign / malignant diseases.

It is a department that will respond to a wide spectrum of tissues ranging from laboratory endoscopic, laryngoscopy, bronchoscopic, small biopsy originating from various organs such as prostate, breast, cervix and skin, to bone marrow, lymph node and radical resection pieces.

FROZEN SECTION : Consultation in Surgery
CONSULTATION TO THE VAK: Ready-made Paraffin Tissue Block and/or Slide Examination
SPECIAL DYES: PAS, Trichrome, Amyloid, MGG etc.
IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY: Breast ca panel – Estrogen, Progesterone, C-erbB-2

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