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Waist and Neck Hernia

Neck Hernia Symptoms; Severe, persistent pain radiating to the arm numbness Pain in the back, arms and shoulders Decreased dexterity Numbness
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Varicocele (Infertility)

Varicocele mostly threatens men who are fat, tall, do heavy sports, have varicose veins, take very hot water baths, and go to sauna frequently. Varicocele Sy
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Tube Stomach Obesity Surgery

Weight Loss Success Rate with Gastric Sleeve Surgery is 85%. It is a surgical intervention to the digestive system to aid weight loss. It is suitable for people who
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Smear Test

Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among women. It is a type of cancer and its rate of death due to all cancers is 7.7%. Starting sexual intercours
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The nose is one of the most basic elements that determine the shape of the face, as well as functions such as breath and smell in the middle of the face. The main p
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General Hair Loss and Problems

Say no to hair loss with PRP APPLICATION! A rich plasma from platelet and thrombocyte cells is obtained by taking the person's own blood and separating it
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