Message from the President

Carefully, Safely, To Healthy Tomorrows….

Chairman of the Board
Op. Dr. Nusret Baş

In the private health sector in Turkey, starting in Ikitelli in 1995 with our renewed image and developed staff, our quality and service-oriented approach continues with an uninterrupted confidence.

In the light of the latest developments in healthcare and scientific data, our institution, which aims to help patients who apply to our hospital without compromising their medical ethical principles and to improve their quality of life, has adopted the principle of being a leading institution in its region and providing quality service.

Our main goal is to provide the best use of health resources by providing effective, efficient, and high quality health services, and to help increase the health level of our guests by improving our health services.

In order to achieve this, our efforts will continue with an institutionalized structure and a professional staff.

With the guidance of the contributions, suggestions, and opinions of our valuable guests.