Diagnosis and treatment of patients in the 0-16 age group are performed in the pediatric outpatient clinic. In addition, studies on baby nutrition education and height-weight follow-up, which have an important place in evaluating the development of children, are also continuing. The healthy growth of our children, who are the foundation of our society, is our biggest goal. You can benefit from the health services of our outpatient clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Uzm. Dr. Rüstem ÜÇEL kopya

Dr. Rüstem ÜÇEL

Child Health and Diseases
Uzm. Dr. Murat Kılınç kopya

Dr. Murat Kılınç

Child Health and Diseases

Our Treatment Areas

• Nutrition, Growth and Development Tracking
• Urinary Incontinence
• Newborn Care and Follow-up
• Newborn Jaundice
• Routine Blood Tests
• Metabolic Diseases
• Anemia / Anemia
• Urinary tract infection
• Allergy Tests
• Pediatric Intensive Care
• Pediatric Emergency
• Thyroid Diseases
• Diagnosis and Treatment of Blood Diseases
• In Breastfeeding Problems
Solution proposals
• Allergic Asthma
• Pneumonia (Pneumonia)
• Bronchitis / Bronchiolitis
• Lower and Upper Respiratory Diseases
• Constipation

Detailed Information and Appointment

Give us a Call! We will be happy to contact our friendly staff with your general or medical questions.

Our Working Hours

Monday - Friday08.00 - 17:00
Saturday08.00 - 14.00