Constipation and defecation disorders

Constipation and defecation difficulty are separate health problems that are often confused with each other.

Constipation and Defecation Disorders Doctors

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Dr. Kenan Yüce

General Surgery

In the definition of constipation, four main concepts are included together or separately:

Stool is very hard
Too little stool
Forced removal of feces
Decreased defecation frequency,
In general, constipation can be mentioned if the number of defecations per week is less than three.

Diseases such as anismus, rectocele, incomplete rectal prolapse can be counted under the defecation disorder group.

The most important symptoms:
feeling of incomplete defecation,
feeling of insufficient ejaculation,
Stool stuck in the breech,
Manual defecation,
Slimy defecation.

Methods used for the differential diagnosis and treatment of constipation and defecation disorder:
Anorectal manometer (assessment of muscle functions of the anus and large intestine)
Colon transit time (progression rate of large bowel contents)
Endoscopic interventions (Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy)
Defecography (radiological evaluation of defecation function)
Balloon throw test
Anal and pelvic EMG

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